Andrew, who has a law degree from the University of London, is a pioneer in the use of investigations in legal disputes, believing that investigators can be instrumental in developing solutions for clients if they have the expertise to understand the client’s objectives and are integrated within the wider team of advisors.


Andrew’s career in the sector began at Armor Group and later Kroll Associates before he co-founded GPW, a London based investigations firm, in 2004.


Over two decades Andrew has developed expertise in Russia and the wider CIS. He was engaged in many of the prominent disputes connected to that region, leading investigative teams in asset searches and evidence discovery exercises in the context of legal actions in the United Kingdom, the United States, Switzerland and the Caribbean. He has overseen hundreds of asset searches on behalf of Russian banks (state owned and private), government authorities and corporations against Russian nationals who have moved assets abroad and attempted to conceal them. He is familiar with the evidential requirements for recovering assets held world-wide both directly and via offshore structures. Andrew has produced evidence which has led to freezing and disclosure orders in the UK and elsewhere in the Common Law world.


Andrew has particular experience in issues surrounding submitting evidence in Russian court action, extradition and allegations of criminality. More broadly he has assisted ICSID claimants in questions related to corporate veil piercing and sovereign immunity, addressing problems presented by offshore entities and other complex ownership structures.




M: + 44 (0) 7932 453 439
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