Sanctions Policy

Raedas complies fully with UK, EU, and US sanctions regimes in accordance with its obligations under the law. We do not work for sanctioned governments, entities, or individuals in the absence of special permission granted under licence by competent authorities. 

We screen all prospective clients for potential sanctions exposure and other money laundering and corruption risks. Screening is conducted by a member of staff and, in the case of elevated risk, includes an analysis of: a) the ownership structure of the potential client; b) adverse media coverage; and c) political considerations that may influence the potential client’s current and future status under sanctions regimes.  

Where sanctions exposure is identified and not mitigated by a relevant licence, Raedas will decline the engagement. Where sanctions exposure arises in the course of an engagement, the engagement will be terminated subject to obtaining legal advice and or a relevant licence. We retain documentation concerning our client screening process and share this with competent authorities on request. 

Sanctions are constantly evolving. If you have reason to believe that Raedas’ activities, or the activities of its clients, may be in breach of UK, EU, or US sanctions regimes, please contact the firm at 

Updated: January 2024