Asset tracing & recovery

Recovery demands a combination of timely, accurate information and imaginative legal strategy across multiple jurisdictions.

We work with legal counsel to enforce judgments and arbitral awards, identifying assets, unwinding asset protection structures and delivering evidence in support of attachment and discovery applications.

We are expert in the tracing and recovery of emerging asset classes on the blockchain, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralised finance (DeFi) tokens, stablecoins and cryptocurrencies.

“Raedas are one of the best for Asset Tracing.” “They are the obvious contender.” – Chambers Global, Asset Tracing & Recovery.

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Acted for counsel in support of a multibillion-dollar claim against a sovereign state. Prepared an enforcement plan and recovery strategy, identified and interviewed key witnesses who provided documentary and testimonial evidence demonstrating the flow of funds between the state and a state-owned company. These funds were used to service debt, pay suppliers and corporate loans, and replenish the sovereign wealth fund. Worked on evidencing the commercial purpose and intended use of the relevant accounts and pierce the state-owned company’s corporate veil.

Acted for UK counsel on behalf of a GCC sovereign fund to investigate the loss of a US$200 million direct investment in India. The mandate included a large scale digital forensic exercise at remote sites as well as global asset tracing and recovery.

Acted for Russian and UK counsel to enforce an arbitral award against a Russian businessman. Identified a luxury property in Southern Europe and determined the beneficial owner through local interviews. Provided further ad hoc intelligence and evidence to support counsel in seizing the asset.

Worked alongside internal counsel to develop a bespoke debt recovery programme for a global bank in respect of a non-performing loan portfolio. The programme incorporated a series of investigative phases to shortlist high value and viable debtors (while providing an informed basis on which to write-off others), identify unencumbered assets and deliver evidence.

We traced the digital assets of a high-profile investor in a crypto exchange by combining on- and off-chain evidence gathering techniques. Intelligence gathered not only identified his crypto assets and his wider activities in DeFi, it also revealed details of his lifestyle, modus operandi as an investor, and his relationships with banks and other traditional financial institutions.