Seminar: Crisis Averted- How Investigations, Legal and PR Teams Tackle Corruption in International Subsidiaries


Crisis strikes even the best prepared. The challenge is: how do you respond?

In a seminar hosted by Raedas and Gibson Dunn in Washington D.C. Nicholas Bortman and Eric Wheeler (Raedas), Michael Diamant and Stephanie Brooker (Gibson Dunn)and Charles Bakaly (Edelman) worked with the Principal Counsel of Bechtel, Christopher Tierney, to stress test solutions and identify business critical risks emerging from a hypothetical crisis scenario : an allegation of corruption in an international subsidiary, made public through a social media post.

Issues addressed during the panel included:

  • The crisis timeline: what critical first steps must be taken to minimize the reputational and public relations impact of a scandal?
  • Mitigating risk and fallout: how does one assess the credibility of allegations, and determine the scope of corruption?
  • How can organizations limit the impact on local operations, and what internal procedures must be put in place to protect the business’ interests?
  • When is litigation the answer? Case law and regulatory trends.

The interactive discussion provided the audience with practical steps and tips to address the hypothetical crisis, through the trifecta lens of investigators, lawyers and PR professionals.

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