Webinar – Investigators and strategic communications consultants: a vital collaboration in litigation strategy

Elizabeth Anscombe

On 13 February we held a webinar on investigators & strategic communications consultants: a vital collaboration in any litigation strategy. Raedas partner Nicholas Bortman and director Jenna Burton spoke alongside senior consultants Alex Just and Stuart Leach of Montfort Communications. You can listen on demand, here.

Prevailing in complex multi-national litigation increasingly requires the close collaboration of investigators and media experts. As these cases spill into the so-called court of public opinion, disinformation campaigns and other aggressive ‘extra-judicial’ tactics have a dramatic impact on outcomes. Strategic communications are central in influencing stakeholders, generating leverage and defending unfounded allegations. Investigators provide oxygen to such efforts.

In this webinar we discuss how intelligence and communications can be combined in high profile multi-jurisdictional disputes to achieve success.

The panel provides practical tips, including:

  • how to use investigative materials effectively in press releases and briefings with journalists, analysts and other interested parties
  • the benefits of developing a detailed rebuttal bible ahead of any dispute becoming public
  • the question of privilege and other issues arising in the sharing of information with third parties.

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