Joana Rego spoke at the Harvard International Arbitration Law Students Association Workshop


Founding Partner Joana Rego spoke at the Harvard International Arbitration Law Students Association (HIALSA) Workshop on 15 April 2021. The panel focused on the ‘Recognition and Enforcement of Awards in International Arbitration’. 

Joana spoke alongside a panel of leading arbitration practitioners and experts. In her session, Joana outlined some of the principles used by investigators in tracing and analysing assets, including the wider considerations which should form part of any recovery strategy, namely the costs, liabilities and damages associated with particular assets; as well as what leverage can be gained from disrupting the Respondent’s trading operations, commercial relationships and in some cases, political standing. 

The final session in a ten-part series, the Workshop offered Harvard Law students an in-depth introduction to the practice of international arbitration and an opportunity to hone their practical skills in the specialism. Created in 2017/2018, the Workshop supplements Harvard Law School’s course offerings in international investment and commercial arbitration, as well as lectures and seminars hosted by HIALSA. 

A recording of this session is available here. For more information please contact