Raedas provides investigative support in high-stakes international litigation, arbitration, internal investigations and other contentious scenarios.

We assist companies and legal counsel worldwide, working with forensic accountants and IT experts, public and government relations advisors and other strategic counsel.

We assist legal counsel in complex global disputes, providing documentary and testimonial evidence, forensic accounting, intelligence and strategy.

We have in-depth experience in the collection of information for use in legal proceedings, recognising the high standard required of material submitted in court or before a tribunal. The ultimate use of our findings guides everything we do.

With an extensive track record acting both for and against executives, companies and sovereign states, we bring hard-won lessons to every client matter.

In addition to delivering evidence, we also provide advice to help clients build successful strategies and intelligence to help guide their decisions.

"Raedas open up new case strategies and avenues through their investigative approach. Their contributions often create new leads in matters and provide a fresh approach." - Chambers UK, Litigation Support: Business Intelligence & Investigations.

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Acted for a pharmaceutical multinational in a dispute with a Contract Manufacturing Organisation which was in breach of the multinational’s IP with respect to a patented molecule. Evidenced the infringement and testified in court in support of the client.

Acted for counsel in arbitration pertaining to the circumstances of a high-profile hull loss of a commercial aircraft. Delivered new non-public and unreported information, evidence and witness testimony to support the client’s narrative of events.

Acted for counsel to recover funds from a group of South American individuals. Interviewed potential witnesses in multiple jurisdictions, developing evidence of the individuals’ asset profiles. Identified assets in the US, Spain and Panama and provided evidence to support §1782 applications in the US.

Investigation on behalf of a major Icelandic bank into former executives charged with fraud, delivering detailed profiles of their global commercial and asset portfolios with supporting evidential exhibits.

Recovery demands a combination of timely, accurate information and imaginative legal strategy across multiple jurisdictions.

We work with legal counsel to enforce judgments and arbitral awards, identifying assets, unwinding asset protection structures and delivering evidence in support of attachment and discovery applications.

We are expert in the tracing and recovery of emerging asset classes on the blockchain, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralised finance (DeFi) tokens, stablecoins and cryptocurrencies.

"Raedas are one of the best for Asset Tracing." "They are the obvious contender." - Chambers Global, Asset Tracing & Recovery.

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Acted for counsel in support of a multibillion-dollar claim against a sovereign state. Prepared an enforcement plan and recovery strategy, identified and interviewed key witnesses who provided documentary and testimonial evidence demonstrating the flow of funds between the state and a state-owned company. These funds were used to service debt, pay suppliers and corporate loans, and replenish the sovereign wealth fund. Worked on evidencing the commercial purpose and intended use of the relevant accounts and pierce the state-owned company’s corporate veil.

Acted for UK counsel on behalf of a GCC sovereign fund to investigate the loss of a US$200 million direct investment in India. The mandate included a large scale digital forensic exercise at remote sites as well as global asset tracing and recovery.

Acted for Russian and UK counsel to enforce an arbitral award against a Russian businessman. Identified a luxury property in Southern Europe and determined the beneficial owner through local interviews. Provided further ad hoc intelligence and evidence to support counsel in seizing the asset.

Worked alongside internal counsel to develop a bespoke debt recovery programme for a global bank in respect of a non-performing loan portfolio. The programme incorporated a series of investigative phases to shortlist high value and viable debtors (while providing an informed basis on which to write-off others), identify unencumbered assets and deliver evidence.

We traced the digital assets of a high-profile investor in a crypto exchange by combining on- and off-chain evidence gathering techniques. Intelligence gathered not only identified his crypto assets and his wider activities in DeFi, it also revealed details of his lifestyle, modus operandi as an investor, and his relationships with banks and other traditional financial institutions.

Sanctions have long served an array of economic and foreign policy objectives, from blocking terrorism financing to averting and or stopping war. But never before have they been so extensively weaponised. We are regularly instructed by parties involved in all aspects of sanctioning: offensively, defensively, and in an advisory capacity, across the EU, MENA, CIS, US, and Latin America.


When sanctions are imposed by either a nation state or a supranational body such as the UN or EU, these bodies must be prepared to defend their decision from an all-cases judicial review by the sanctioned party. Raedas have experience of producing evidential reports to support government decisions and explain the rationale behind them.


Individuals and corporate entities who have been sanctioned often feel the ‘attack’ is baseless, or in English legal terms ultra-vires. It is not uncommon for those imposing sanctions to make mistakes or to have been coerced into a political decision. Our team has experience helping clients to evidence these mistakes and make the case for modifying sanctioning decisions.

Third Party

Third parties including NGOs, or other corporate or personal entities, are often asked to identify parties who should be sanctioned. We work with legal counsel to produce reports and dossiers demonstrating the case for sanctions.

"If there is information to find (Raedas) will find it for you." Chambers UK, Litigation Support: Business Intelligence & Investigations.

We worked alongside a leading London law firm to produce a report to the EU demonstrating why sanctions should be imposed on an individual who was engaged in sanctionable activity. We presented our findings to EU representatives in Brussels.

Instructed by an individual who controlled a bank in an Arabian Gulf country regarding superficial connections that an account holder at the bank had with a Middle Eastern business. We were mandated to demonstrate that these connections were not suspicious and that there was no cause to freeze the account belonging to their client.

We worked on behalf of a client who had been sanctioned by the United States on what appeared to be the basis of incomplete research. We produced a report to demonstrate why the sanctions were unsuitable and were based on misinterpreted facts as well as a corresponding report to be used in discussion with the EU demonstrating why EU sanctions would be inappropriate.

We investigated the footprint of a European businessman in a former CIS country, including his commercial interests and charitable foundations. We compiled a dossier of sanctionable activities which was sent to relevant authorities in Europe and the US.

Corporate malfeasance presents unique financial and reputational risks to any business or brand. We work with executives, legal counsel and advisors to gather information and develop an effective response, including civil or criminal prosecution, communications strategy or self-reporting.

We carry out proactive and reactive bribery and corruption investigations globally which include assessing gains, fines, affordability, and disgorgement following company wrongdoing, and presenting and agreeing penalties with courts and prosecutors.

"They provide a sober analysis of what they've been able to gather” - Chambers UK, Litigation Support: Business Intelligence & Investigations.

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Acted for UAE based counsel to investigate a multimillion-dollar embezzlement scheme by the general manager of a high-profile family office.

Acted for counsel on behalf of a global consulting firm into the detention of its local government counterpart on corruption charges in a GCC country. The government sought, without explanation, to interview the firm’s senior country managers, raising fears of charges against firm personnel and a material risk to high-value contracts. Delivered information concerning the case against the detained individual and an assessment of the standing of firm personnel and the intentions of the government.

Acted for US counsel to support an internal investigation into the Middle East offices of a European industrial manufacturer in response to a detailed whistle-blower letter. Work included extensive tracking of potential witnesses across the UAE and India.

We assist clients in moments of crisis or extraordinary adversity, to counter hostile parties or competitors, mitigate black public relations campaigns and resist unjustified government pressure.

Combining intelligence gathering with messaging and influence campaigns, we help clients understand problems and enable an effective response.

"Raedas are genuinely seen as market-leading in disputes." Chambers UK, Litigation Support: Business Intelligence & Investigations.

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Engaged by a company in the extractives industry which had its licence revoked by a central African government, ostensibly for failing to meet an investment schedule. Obtained evidence demonstrating that the client had in fact sought to make the required investments but had been frustrated by domestic corruption. Discovered further that a disgruntled competitor was engaged in a negative misinformation campaign against the client. Our findings were used to discredit the campaign.

Acted for counsel on behalf of a group of investors being investigated by a tax regulator as part of a clampdown on tax efficient investments. Evidenced that the investors had been misled in renewable energy projects and that monies thought to have been invested in land, equipment and staffing were in fact embezzled. The evidence was not exculpatory, but it facilitated negotiations with the regulator.

Acted for counsel to fight an extradition request based on a spurious allegation of corruption. Demonstrated and evidenced that the purported investigation giving rise to the allegation had in fact never taken place and that the allegation itself could be attributed to a commercial vendetta.