Isabel Asquith - Director

Isabel has a background in law and investigative experience across a wide range of jurisdictions including Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the MENA region.

Notable casework includes a complex investigation into multi-million-dollar misappropriation from an investment fund, gathering evidence to demonstrate an individual’s breach of EU sanctions, and the uncovering the disguised criminal convictions of a mining resource executive. Isabel has supported the enforcement of arbitral awards in a variety of sectors, and has experience conducting asset tracing in respect of individuals, companies and sovereign states.

Isabel draws on her work in reputation management to support strategies that combine legal, investigative and communications solutions. Evidence gathered in Isabel’s recent matters have supported legal remedies including §1782 applications, European Preservation Orders, disclosure applications under Cayman law, as well as criminal complaints in MENA, Europe and sub-Saharan Africa.

Chambers describe Isabel in their global Asset Tracing & Recovery guide 2022 as “brilliant. She is very knowledgeable, practical and detailed.”

Isabel joined Raedas from Schillings Partners, where she specialised in gathering evidence to uncover international smear campaigns by means of §1782 and Norwich Pharmacal applications. She has worked on international defamation, harassment and judicial review cases and is familiar with evidentiary standards required in litigation and arbitration.

Isabel has lived and worked in Malaysia.