Matthew Walker - Senior Director

Matthew brings over a decade of experience supporting state-investor disputes, recovery and enforcement cases, and conducting bespoke investigations in the Former Soviet Union, Europe, and the United States.

His most recent cases involved uncovering details of secret lobbying efforts attached to a clandestine campaign to acquire a high-value asset in the natural resources sector, and investigating a counterparty involved in procuring government contracts by leveraging relationships with senior executives in a large state-owned corporation.

Matthew leads the firm’s blockchain analysis and investigation practice where he merges technical know-how of tracking cryptocurrency with investigative techniques to trace and recover emerging asset classes. Notably, this includes tracing a series of high-value bitcoin transactions from crypto exchanges and hosted and offline cryptocurrency wallets to support recovery efforts.

Prior to joining Raedas, Matthew ran the Russia/CIS team at corporate intelligence company S-RM. He previously spent four years at KPMG in Moscow and London during which he was the lead analyst on a multi-billion-pound receivership investigation to successfully recover stolen funds based in offshore bank accounts, real estate, and luxury goods.

Matthew has a diverse professional background having previously worked in public affairs and corporate communications in the UK and Australia, namely with Portland Communications in London and the Australian Government in Canberra, amongst other roles, where he provided reputation and public policy advice for government departments, high-profile individuals, and some of the world’s largest corporations.